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Pastoral Staff

Pastoral Staff

Derold Doughty

Senior Pastor

Derold R. Doughty, Senior Pastor of Apostolic Center Church, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Pastor Doughty graduated from Baton Rouge High School in 1958. He attended LSU for a year and a half and then felt his call to the ministry. He pursued this call by enrolling in Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN, graduating in 1963. He continued his education at Bethel College and attained his Bachelor’s in Theology. From 1963-1966, he evangelized throughout the United States with his wife, Judy. Then in late 1966, he accepted the pastorate of Calvary United Pentecostal Church, in Chicago, IL and was pastor there until October of 1979. He, along with his wife and their 5 children, moved to Mattoon, IL in October of 1979 to accept the pastorate of Apostolic Center Church. All through his ministry, he has held positions such as the Illinois United Pentecostal Youth President and has been on the board of Compassion International.  One of his greatest passions is foreign missions. Pastor Doughty has ministered in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and South America, blessing congregations and building churches for over 50 years. He has been the Pastor of Apostolic Center for close to 40 years and continues to reach for Mattoon and the surrounding communities, pointing them to Jesus. Pastor Doughty is proud of his 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. He reminds them that as the Bible says in 3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth..”

Shine Doughty


Rev. Shine Doughty has been in the ministry since 1986. He started his ministry on the evangelistic field and then in 1994 he was voted in as co-pastor of First Apostolic Church, or now currently known as Apostolic Center. He is honored to be pastoring alongside his father, Rev. Derold Doughty who is senior pastor at Apostolic Center.

Pastor Shine has always had a heart for people and a passion for apostolic truth! Not only does he have a passion for Mattoon, has been very active in global missions. He has ministered all over the world and he doesn’t want to just keep this apostolic message local but his motto is give and go!

Pastor Shine has been married for 29 years to his beautiful wife Lisa Doughty and they have 2 children, a son in law and 3 grandchildren. Spending time with them is one of his greatest pleasures.


Pastoral Staff
Pastoral Staff

Duane and Lorena Pope

Associate Pastor

Duane Pope is a licensed UPCI minister and holds a BS in Business degree from Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL.  He has certification from the College of Financial Planners in Denver, CO and is a Certified Financial Planner.  He holds license as a United States Federal Securities Dealer.  He is a member of International Board of Certified Financial Planners.  He has 44 years of experience in the field of business.

Rev. Duane Pope is a consultant for the Stewardship department at UPCI.  He has served on the Urshan Graduate School Institutional Advancement Committee and the Stewardship Committee for UPCI.  He is a past board member for the UPCI Foundation.  He is an advisory board member for New Beginnings International Children’s and Family Services in Tupelo, Mississippi for 22 years and on the board of trustees of Kent Christian College in Dover, Delaware for 6 years.  He serves as an external board member for churches in Eau Claire, WI and Laurel, Maryland.  Rev. Duane Pope also serves his local church as an Assistant Pastor and in the area of finance.  His responsibilities include financial counseling, teaching adult Sunday School and Leadership / Finding Your Purpose classes, and giving pastoral support and pastoral recognition. 

Lorena Pope has a BS in Education and a MS in Counseling from Eastern Illinois University and 44 years of involvement in teaching, counseling, and assisting parents in elementary schools and ministry.  She taught several grades in elementary schools and also special education classes.  She served as a counselor / parent assistant in four elementary schools for 11 years by counseling children and assisting parents with education classes, workshops, and resources.  She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois.  She has served as a board member for New Beginnings International Children’s and Family services in Tupelo, Mississippi.  In her local church, she provides counseling, teaches the adult Sunday School, teaches Leadership / Finding Your Purpose classes, and gives pastoral support and recognition.

 They are Associate Pastors supporting Rev. Derold R. and Rev. Shine and Sis. Lisa Doughty at Apostolic Center Church in Mattoon, IL. 

Duane Pope counsels individuals and entire families in all areas of finance: Biblical principles of finance, financial planning, budgeting, debt management, investments, and retirement planning.

Lorena Pope counsels individuals and entire families in the following areas:  Christian principles relating to child rearing, discipline, teens, marriage, singles and single parenting, blended families, and other family relationship and communication matters.

Rev. and Mrs. Pope have done extensive mission traveling – teaching seminars throughout the United States and overseas in Germany, Singapore, Jamaica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Guam, Palau, Czech Republic, Greece, and Hungary.

Cory and Charity Sanders

Associate Pastors

Associate Pastor Cory Sanders serves many roles at Apostolic Center. He is the Director of Outreach and First Touch Ministries, Director of Missions, and Director of Children’s Ministry. He is a UPCI licensed minister, and he and his wife, Charity, have embarked on mission trips around the world spreading the Apostolic message. In addition to his responsibilities at Apostolic Center, Cory is a managing broker and maintains a real estate license. He owns five small businesses and serves on the Coles County Board.

Charity Sanders assists her husband in outreach, missions, and children’s ministries; and she serves as the Director of Sunday School Promotions. Charity taught middle school for nine years and is currently an autism consultant for a special education co-op.

The Sanders are life-long residents of Mattoon and have four daughters.

Pastoral Staff
Pastoral Staff

Matt and Kelli Pope

Associate Pastors

Matt and Kelli Pope have served in ministry at Apostolic Center for over twenty years. They both serve as sunday school teachers for newly married couples. Matt also serves as an Associate Pastor, and Kelli serves as the bookkeeper/accountant for Programs and Special Events.

Outside of Apostolic Center, Matt is an insurance agent and investment advisor, while Kelli is a Financial Aid Accountant for Lake Land College.

Matt has a passion for helping people find and unlock their unique God-given purpose; he also is passionate about assisting and organizing integral parts for successful church programs and operations. Kelli enjoys working with newly married couples and encouraging people to find their passion.

The couple have two children and reside in Mattoon.

Jeremy Doughty

Associate Pastor

Jeremy Doughty was born to two ordained apostolic preachers, Derold and Judy Doughty. Ministry has been his heritage and passion. Jeremy has been an associate pastor since 1998 coordinating: church services, worship ministries, college and careers (In Touch) ministries, and Mattoon Youth Choir tours both in North America and abroad.

Jeremy has traveled on many missions trips since he was 15 years old. He has visited 38 countries around the world and lived in Estonia for a summer pastoring and overseeing the work there.

For nineteen years Jeremy has been an educator in the special education field. Currently, he serves as an assistant director for a special education cooperative.

Along with his ministries and professional life, Jeremy enjoys traveling, being with family and friends, and “doing life” with his church family!

Pastoral Staff
Pastoral Staff

Marlo Spidle

Music Minister

Marlo Spidle is the Minister of Music at Apostolic Center in Mattoon, Illinois.  She is passionate about preparing the next generation for ministry. Marlo directed the Mattoon Youth Choir for 20 years and currently directs the Apostolic Center Sanctuary Choir. Her passion for music and love for building people has led her to pursue music in many different areas. Marlo has been involved in leading choir clinics around the United States, as well as teaching music ministry classes at Music Conferences around the country and UPCI General Conference. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Eastern Illinois University.  Marlo holds certifications in Kindermusik and Real Colors. She loves spending time with her husband, Tim, and 3 children, Tell, Abigail, and Parish, her friends, and mentoring young people to pursue their passion for music and Jesus.

Jim Cox

Life Center Director

Jim Cox is the Facilities Use Director for Apostolic Centers Life Center. He has lived in Mattoon for 30 years and has been a member of Apostolic Center for over 20 years. He has been married to his wife Dee for 22 years and they have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
His job duties at the Life Center include handling all reservation requests, cleaning, and maintaining the building. If you would like to rent the Life Center check out our policy for rental fees and get a hold of Jim. Feel free to fill out the request through our website or contact him via phone or email at 217-343-3607 and


Jim Cox - Life Center Director